Design Process

The design process we will employ for you will be as unique as the look we end up with. In other words, we will come into the process where we are needed and provide the expertise and product necessary to make your store complete.

In our experiences we have done it all; from concept to installation and everything in between.

“In the beginning………..”
How and where we begin we can decide together. Our eighteen years of experience is a very valuable asset when we work our way through the process with you and establish how we can best use your precious decorating dollars.

An idea…………………….…………………………the vision to a reality.

An established concept………………………dependable brand consistency or a fresh look.

A special market…………………………………….a targeted custom look.

A unique look..………………………………………an extensive and extraordinary inventory.

Art Package Inc. is uniquely qualified and very experienced in structuring a “look” that appeals to the customers’ senses and provides the value that every owner must have in today’ market conditions.

Bar Elevation 1
Bar Elevation 1

There is an endless variety of combinations of style, content, theming strategy, density, geometry and of course budget considerations that ultimately result in the look your customers experience.

A low density, wall set like this ………………..

Design Process

has a very different feel than a high density, themed eclectic look like this.  

Design Process

Throughout this site we have tried to show a variety of photo sample that demonstrate some of the design elements we have used before. It can be very helpful to note something you see that represents a presentation that appeals to you.

But all you really need is a project that needs attention. Because the company that has been effectively serving others in this industry for a long time can also serve your business.

When we structure the look we can determine things such as size and density as we visualize your project.

Here is where you reap significant benefits of employing Art Package. We bring our considerable and specialized resources to bear on providing your décor at an excellent value.

Décor Items
We are able to maintain a very large stock of decorating material of all sizes and shapes in our 75000 square feet of warehouse space. From baseball gloves to old world paintings, we always bring an excellent economy of scale to every project.

Art Package Original Art
Our creative people have made some incredible art pieces; paintings, sports originals, signs and other items that are very special.

Research and acquisition
If your look requires items we do not ordinarily carry then our people can rely on our extensive experience and networking to build and obtain items.

For many years we have been making restaurants unique and personal for some of our customers. Hometown décor can bring the locals in and keep them coming back.

Custom Art
Creating new art for a customer is always fun and our people are very good at
making ideas work.

Value Framing
We have more picture moulding and frames than many manufacturers. We are also set up to do custom mounting and framing for our customers on a semi-production basis. Our business is structured to produce cost savings and quick and controllable turnaround times for our customers.

The best laid plans of mice and men” or “Murphy’s Law” comes to mind when working on most construction projects. Our staff has designed, delivered and installed art packages from Honolulu to Jeddah. There is no substitute for experience when it comes to getting material prepared and to the site on time, anticipating and solving site problems on the fly and then getting out of the way.

When we started decorating restaurants overseas, we encountered a whole new level of chaos that makes the domestic job sites seem tame by comparison.

But we learned how to operate in foreign markets and worked hard to establish procedures and contacts that continue to serve our customers.

Movietowne, Port of Spain, Trinidad

So as you can see as you move around our site, we specialize in serving the restaurant industry. Professional, experienced and cost effective decorating services is what we offer.

No matter what kind of restaurants you own or where you want them to be, Art package Inc. can satisfy all of your decorating requirements. All you need to do is tell what you need and let us get busy working on your stores.